Sophie Scott-Harman 

“I cannot recommend a shiatsu treatment from Nick Neter enough! After just a half an hour treatment, I was left with a sense of utter calm and inner peace which I had not felt in years! I have had several shiatsu treatments from other practitioners, I always find it beneficial and gain something different from each person. Nick has been recommended to me by other practitioners themselves and I have to agree. His treatment left me with total relaxation, a calm and still mind and a sense of freedom I cannot describe. As well as feeling so tranquil in spirit, I also was full of the energy of pure life force and enthrallment at existence. One of my friends said to me later that day “I don’t know what he’s done, you are like you on your very best day but even more so”. And I felt it; a feeling of joy and wonder of being, complete contentment with all that was around me and sheer unadulterated happiness which lasted for several weeks. Thank you Nick! :)

Gabrielle says  

“Where there was holding, discomfort and tension and fear, there is now ease, trust and flexibility. Where there was a sense of suffering is now peace.
Shiatsu with Nick is gentle and powerful beyond words.

Thank you x”

Maggie says

“Out of all the different massage therapies & techniques I have experienced, I have to say that Shiatsu is by far my favourite! It’s hard to pinpoint exactly why, but here are a few reasons for starters………..After a shiatsu massage I feel deeply calm & relaxed. I also feel uplifted & enlightened & I experience an amazing sense of clarity. I feel extremely balanced & I have to say it is probably the most wonderful natural high I have ever experienced. On the physical side, my limbs feel more lithe, I feel more flexible and any stiffness in my joints seems to disappear. I would urge everyone to seek out the incredible benefits for themselves. I would highly recommend Nick Neter as a shiatsu practitioner to everyone. Both myself & others agree that Nick has a lovely calm manner & “healing hands” . I am so glad I discovered his shiatsu!”

Elizabeth says

“Since starting my Shiatsu sessions eighteen months ago, the benefits have been enormous. I couldn’t walk more than 250 metres without considerable pain in my feet and also both knees. I can now walk up to two miles in any day completely pain free. My shoulders and neck are almost back to normal. Apart from the remedying of my aches and pains, Shiatsi has given me a wonderful feeling of ‘well being’ and a true inner calm. I find my fortnightly sessions an integral part of my life and also a very pleasant experience.”

 Stuart says

‘The initial reason for me to have shiatsu stemmed through suffering with a tediously aggravated bad back problem, but through Nick’s help that problem no longer exists. I still attend my sessions with Nick as I have become increasingly curious about the work being done, as the work I receive now relates to my mental well being as well as the physical side. After my sessions I generally feel invigorated and calmer with a much more positive view on things in life thanks to Nick’s shiatsu’.

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