How long does a Shiatsu Session usually last?

A Shiatsu session lasts for approximately 60 minutes.

Will I have to remove clothing?
The session is given with the client fully clothed, but preferably wearing loose fitting clothes to allow for movement. The client is asked to lie on a comfortable mat/futon (Japanese mattress) on the floor, although I will obviously take account of any specific physical needs.

Can it be painful?
The sessions tend not be painful, but if any pain is felt the client should let me know at the time. It is not uncommon for a client to say during/after a session ‘I didn’t know that that place hurt/was tight/needed to be worked on until you pressed it’.

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How many sessions will I need?
It is impossible to generalize, as even two people with similar physical complaints may need to come for different periods of time. In acute conditions the client is advised to come weekly. When his/her condition is stabilised he/she can then come fortnightly, and finally monthly for a check-up. In that sense the whole process of healing is individual and practitioner and client can together decide on the best course of action.

What is the general format of a Shiatsu session?
At the beginning I take a detailed case history. This usually means that the first session takes bit longer. Subsequent sessions begin with a short conversation to review how things are and any changes that have been noticed in the intervening period.
I begin by gently working the abdomen area called the Hara in Japanese so I can assess the client’s energetic state. This may well be done on the back as well. From this I will generally work over most of the body, focusing on some areas more than others depending on the Hara diagnosis and client requests. The techniques used depend entirely on each individual client’s needs. No two sessions are ever alike. Within each session there is a balance between general work, with mobilization and stretches, and specific work on the energy channels.
Shiatsu is gentle, compassionate and nurturing. The supportive, safe and caring quality of the Shiatsu session allows for a deep relaxation and letting go. At the end of a treatment the client is left to rest for a while. Usually ‘a coming to’ time is needed.


What do I have to do after the Shiatsu treatment?

After a treatment the client usually feels very relaxed, with a sense of well being and peace. Sometimes there is also a feeling of being re-energized. Both these reactions can be put down to the deep energetic effect of the work. Occasionally a client may have a ‘healing reaction’ after a session. This occurs when toxins have been released during the treatment, and as these work out through the body there may be symptoms such as a headache, stiffness, stomach upset, lethargy or the desire to urinate frequently. These symptoms soon pass usually within 12 hours, although an emotional release may well take longer to work through. Drinking plenty of water and resting will help. Please do not hesitate to contact me for advice and reassurance if you are at all worried. At the end of the session I may suggest and demonstrate some simple and practical exercises for the client to do at home to contribute to the healing process.
The client should then go home and rest for a couple of hours or at least should not engage in strenuous or stressful activities. The effects of a Shiatsu session may be felt immediately, or later on in the day.


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